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Dr. Chris George: A Note of Thanks and An Invitation

Chris & ThesisOn Sunday, June 7th, at the close of the 11am worship service, Alan Culpepper and Walt Martin presented me with my doctoral hood [video here]. It was the final step of a six-year journey. I looked out at a sanctuary filled with smiling faces and listened to the applause. I felt overwhelmed by this showing of love and support. I want to express my sincere appreciation not only for this moment, but for all the little moments, the countless cards, the congratulatory hugs and the words of encouragement throughout this process.

“And though I’m honored to have the title of Dr. George,
there is no title I wear more proudly than
Husband of Jennifer George,
Father of David, Evan and Andy, and
Pastor of Smoke Rise Baptist Church.”

                                                       Chris George responds at presentation.

A few brave souls have expressed interest in reading my doctoral thesis. So, I am pleased to share it with the entire congregation. Be warned, it is 203 pages and nearly 60,000 words…it is clearly not for the faint of heart. A bound copy will soon be available in the Smoke Rise Baptist Church Library, but for the present time, printed copies are available in the church office and an electronic (PDF) copy can be downloaded here :Doctoral Thesis by Christopher George.

As I said during the service, although I am proud to be a Doctor of Ministry, I am even more proud to be the Pastor of Smoke Rise Baptist Church.

Chris George Hooding

One thought on “Dr. Chris George: A Note of Thanks and An Invitation

  1. Congratulations Dr. George! I agree with you: though you have added a fine title, it will always pale to those for which God has conferred: son, brother, husband, father, pastor, child of God. I am so happy for your accomplishment and pray the Holy Spirit continues to challenge and inspire you in all of your relationships. Shalom+

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