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New Weekday School Assistant Director Alison Gibbs

Alison GibbsAlison Gibbs recently joined the Smoke Rise Baptist Church Staff as the Assistant Director of the Weekday School. She will run the financial side of the Weekday School and fill in when the director is not available. Alison came to love the Smoke Rise Weekday School as a parent. When her boys, Jackson and James, were born she began working part-time in order to spend more time them. Jackson and James are now in high school, but they attended the Weekday School as preschoolers.

Since graduating from the University of Memphis, Alison has worked at several different offices, particularly in real estate. She also worked as a teacher of for five separate years. This position will combine several of Alison’s loves: children, numbers and the ability to be with her family. Alison’s favorite things about the school are the people that she works with and the flexibility it gives her as a mom and the children. She believes that the Weekday School is a well-rounded program that is focused on developing the whole child. If you are at the church on a weekday throughout the summer, be sure to stop by and say hello to Alison as she gets ready for a new school year!

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