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Clean Water From Cookies

Girl Scout Troop 3106 recently voted to donate a portion of their troop’s cookie proceeds to the clean water fund for the Centro Shalom ministry in Tijuana, Mexico. This donation is in connection with the Brownie’s Wonders of Water badge journey. As a part of this journey, the Brownies pledged to love, save and share water, in particular, learning about what it’s like to live in a place where there is not enough clean water and why clean water is so important. The girls thought this donation would be a good way of sharing much needed clean water with the people of Tijuana.

In connection with their donation, the troop will also tour the Shoal Creek Water Plant to get a first-person perspective of the efforts and processes required to provide clean, safe water to a community. Troop 3106 is a wonderful and lively group of 15 Daisies and Brownies, led by Teri Moore, Joe Moore, Erika Munro, Laura Westbrook and Susan Carter. Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts and helping to empower the girls to make a difference in the world one small step at a time!

Girl Scout Troop 3106

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