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Families in Need Funding Urgent

FIN-Love-Your-NeighborThere is a ministry at Smoke Rise that you may not know exists. It helps members of our church in times of financial need. It may help with house payments or utilities or even medical bills. The reason many have not heard of this ministry is by design. Confidentiality honors the dignity of our members. This ministry is the Families in Need (FIN) ministry. There is no line item in the budget for FIN and it’s only support comes by members designating gifts to FIN. Over the last five years, FIN has distributed $161,000 to help 51 families.

The current balance in the FIN ministry account is at one of its lowest points ever. We have always come through for each other when we know the need. Please give now to help members of our congregation through tough times. Remember, your contribution to FIN is above and beyond your regular offering. Your generosity is always amazing!

“God really spoke to us through the words and actions of the FIN ministry when we needed it most. We know how SRBC is a strong believer in missions. The members give assistance throughout the world. But they also take care of their own in a crisis. Thank you, fellow church members, for doing this. I know God blesses each of you who generously share with families like ours.”

Give to FIN by writing, “For FIN Ministry” in the memo of your check to SRBC, or by entering your monthly or one-time gift to Families in Need via our online giving tool

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