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Celebrating Journeys

Journeys-Session 3By Kathy Dobbins
On a recent Wednesday evening, I sat around a few of the dinner tables and enjoyed listening to these comments about our Journeys program:

  • “I love everything Pastor Chris has done on books in the Bible.”
  • “The biblical studies provide great perspective on the background of the material and how it’s supposed to be read.”
  • “I like the variety of what is offered, including the personal interest classes like water color, bread baking and parenting issues.”
  • “The framework of what was offered made it possible to weave in personal stories.”
  • “The Holocaust presentation and speaker were so powerful!”
  • “So many of these sessions can be connected to issues that are current today.”

This year we have journeyed through the call stories of biblical figures and the last week of Jesus’ life, looked back in history for lessons learned and had some fun with bread making, creative activities for kids during Lent and relationship building. Wednesdays at Smoke Rise are better than ever! If you have ideas and suggestions you would like to share, please let me know. Our new Spiritual Formation Ministry team will be working on a great fall season soon.

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