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Weekday School Graduation

Weekday School GraduationBy Paula Reeves

The Weekday School is finishing up another wonderful school year! The students have had many new experiences, made lifetime friends and learned along the way.
This year, our Kindergarten Class of 14 will be graduating on May 19th at 10am in our Fellowship Hall. This class of Kindergarteners has many ties with our church and school. Four students are from families who are members here at Smoke Rise Baptist Church. Two of the students, Sophia Loner and Logan Reeves, have attended the Weekday School for 5 years, beginning with Toddlers and now finishing with Kindergarten. Three students, Austin Ellsberry, Campbell Everett and Michael Humphreys have had siblings attend our school and seven students have siblings attending our school this year. We even have one student that both parents attended our Weekday School in the 1980’s!

We wish them the best in all of their future endeavors. Congratulations Kindergarten Class of 2015!

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