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The Top 3 Reasons Not to Host Vacation Bible School (And 1 Reason We Should): Becky Caswell-Speight

No_VBSOver the years, I have heard many reasons to not host VBS. These are the top three most often heard:

“Parents use Vacation Bible School as free child care.”

True, we’ve all met the child who has attended every VBS in the area. Childcare is expensive, and because of this reality, VBS reaches far beyond the kids who come to church regularly. This gives us the ability to minister to children from all over Stone Mountain. VBS is one of the many ways that we can teach our community the great things going on at SRBC.

“Vacation Bible School costs a lot of money.”

True, VBS does use a good portion of the children’s budget. Looking at the time that children spend at the church shows a different picture. Most weeks, an active family can spend 3 hours a week at church. A week of VBS hosts 13 hours of active ministry with children. Compare that with the cost of 13 weeks of Sunday school curriculum and the numbers are similar.

“There are never enough volunteers for Vacation Bible School.”

True, there are never too many hands to help with VBS. If we set the registration cut off based on the number of our volunteers we have, this isn’t an issue. This year we can safely host 126 children.

I’ve heard a lot of reasons of why not to host Vacation Bible School, but I have never heard one that convinced me it shouldn’t happen. On June 1st – 4th, we will host children from around our area to come and learn God’s word. I can’t imagine a better reason than that to host Vacation Bible School.




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