Our Graduating Youth

Mortar board and diplomaAt Smoke Rise, we dedicate young children to the work and ministry of the church. They have the opportunity to experience worship, learn biblical stories, and serve inside and outside the walls of the church. As our children grow into youth, we celebrate the achievements of life: beginning school, earning a driver’s license, success on the ball field and performing at recitals. As a congregation, we have the pleasure to witness their personal faith decisions and their baptisms. We watch these young people from the time they are wrapped in a blanket at their dedication until we now as we wrap them in our prayers. On May 17th, we will celebrate and honor our high school seniors one last time before they graduate at our Senior Breakfast. It will be a day of celebration for the students and their families!

Austin Allison from Parkview High School
Hayden Dodson from Tucker High School
Anna Lee Garner from Providence Christian Academy
Stephen Gilbert from Greater Atlanta Christian School
Lauren Huston from Parkview High School
Daniel Johnson from Parkview High School
Meghan Johnson from Parkview High School
Willy Lehner from Parkview High School
Trey Mullee from Parkview High School

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