Burma, Sudan, Bhutan, Nepal

Family-Heritage-FoundationThese are just a few of the countries represented at the Family Heritage Foundation in Clarkston. All of the refugees in the Clarkston area come from countries that are experiencing tremendous turmoil like the recent earthquake in Nepal. Last year’s Deacon Chair, Roy Vreeland, reignited this mission project with our deacons. Georgianne Harrison, the current deacon chair, has continued the same effort.

Smoke Rise deacons visited Clarkston on Saturday, April 18, 2015. They heard prayer concerns for the refugees in the Lakes Apartments from Bennett Ekandem, the local missionary. They played soccer, jumped rope and painted fingernails with the refugee children who live in the complex.

On a previous visit, our deacons were accompanied by several families from Smoke Rise Preparatory School. The school has taken on the cause of continuing to work in Clarkston. They have had some of the Lost Boys of Sudan come and speak to their classes and have collected food for specific families when they arrived in the Clarkston area.

Clarkston has one of the largest refugee resettlement groups in the country. There are many diverse needs as families try to find their way into the culture of the United States. Please contact the Missions Office to find the next opportunity to serve in this very unique environment. When you are communicating God’s love, you do not need an interpreter.

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