Serving Together at GAP

GAPOn Sunday, May 10, 2015, we will commission our Men’s Construction Team going to God’s Appalachian Partnership. Please remember this team in prayer as they repair trailer homes near McDowell, Ky. As in the past, we will be sharing this experience with men from First Baptist Church, Augusta, and additional team members from Marietta and Chattanooga.

This team is a good example of involving other churches in our mission endeavors. We have always had the philosophy of inviting others to join us in building the kingdom through missions. It is great to see relationships develop among these teams as they work together helping others.

Helping others in Christ’s name can pull people together like nothing else. I am reminded of how we saw this lived out during our work in the Gulf after Hurricane Katrina. Our main contact there was LeMoyne Boulevard Baptist Church. It was good to see the body of Christ pull together to help those in need, as Catholics, Presbyterians, Christian Church and Quakers worked side by side to help those in need. It is good for us all to focus on the needs of others and not the minor differences that have a way of separating us.

I am proud of our mission teams and the way they readily accept others. I think it makes God smile when we work together helping others in His name

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