First Annual World Mission Offering a Great Success

world-missionsSmoke Rise, thank you again for your generosity and support of missions. You have proven once again that whenever we trust God for the resources, He will provide.The official numbers say that we were just shy of our goal of $35,000. Some gifts given were designated directly to one of our mission partners. If you count these gifts, we more than exceeded our goal!!

The mission offering money was used to support our eight Mission Partnerships, CBF and our Special Needs fund. More specifically, funding went to CBF (National and Georgia) and both Co-ops. Uganda received funding for a tractor and food. Tijuana received additional funding to build a house. Edgewood Church received financial resources to resolve a much needed drainage and paving problem.

I am very grateful for the Missions Committee and the Mission Support Team for their good work distributing these funds. A special thank you to Bill Blanton, Chairman of the Missions Committee. These people take very seriously their responsibility to be good stewards of mission resources and see that our mission funds are used to provide maximum good for God’s kingdom.

We look forward to seeing God at work through Smoke Rise in next year’s Annual World Mission Offering.

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