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The Fruit of the Spirit: “Love” by Lois Jernigan

Lois JerniganWhat is love? How do we show love? We love God, our family, our friends, our country, the beautiful world and doing things that we like. Jesus gave us the example to love others. We can love others by hearing what they say, supporting their needs and giving time to be with them. Daily we see people we don’t know at stores, at workplaces, driving beside us on the road or even at our church. Sharing a smile and being patient with people shows you care about them.

At church, taking time to get to know our new members makes our church family stronger. I have loved our children at Smoke Rise Baptist over many years by teaching Sunday School, directing summer camps, working in VBS and other activities. It is so very wonderful to see our young people grow up and become leaders of our church and other churches. We are touching the hearts and minds of young people who are making a difference. I volunteer at Lilburn Co-Op several days a week and meet clients, high school kids earning community service credits, frequent shoppers, persons who are working off court directed community service hours and our dedicated volunteers from so many churches. We all come from different places, but when we are there we know we are providing help to many people. Smoke Rise Baptist gives financial support, leadership and many volunteer hours to make Lilburn Co-Op a blessing to others.

When we read in the Bible that we should love our neighbors, we know that means people who live around the world. I am thankful we have a church that wants to reach out with mission efforts that are local and away. We show the love of Christ with our money, our time and prayers for others. Smoke Rise Baptist has been the family of Christ to our family for over 45 years. We love the kind faces of our members, we miss our former members who helped build the church, we pray for those who are not able to come and we greet new families and members who are joining us. God’s love and fellowship is there! Let us be the spirit of love to others!

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