God Stories / Missions

How to Build the Perfect Team by Tim Adcox

Honduras-2011March Madness is now behind us, but every coach, at the beginning of the year, began their recruiting process with one thing in mind: how do I build the perfect team? How do I find a group of players that each can play a specific role and work together to create team chemistry?

This year in Honduras, I was again amazed at how God prepared the perfect team for our projects in the village of San Martin. The list of projects to be accomplished was very long: cement floors, water basins, latrines, Vacation Bible School, eye exams, blood pressure screenings, security training, starting a micro-business bakery and checking on the King Egg Co. from last year.

How could we possibly get all this done? How could we find all the people with the right skills to accomplish all of this in one week? At the end of the week, every project was completed. God had provided the right team with the right skills to make it all happen.

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