God Stories / Missions

The Power of Presence

Anna from HondurasAnna, a beautiful and unique young lady, found a job online to work as a music teacher in the school at the ranch in Honduras. We met her at the airport in Tegucigalpa. She speaks English, Spanish and French. She was raised in France and came to the USA as a teenager.

Our team typically ends the week with communion and a time of sharing. I wondered if Anna would share since she had defined herself as agnostic and cynical. She had been welcomed into our family by the whole group. In her own words, “I have not been around religious people much. But this week has changed me. I have seen people that are happy and care about each other and have welcomed me. I have seen this team serving unselfishly the people of Honduras.” As the bus pulled away, Anna was crying. I think our presence this week made a difference to her. God brought her to our team just as he did each one on the trip.

Thank you for a great week in Honduras.

Should you be present on next year’s trip?

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