Adults / Journeys (Wed PM Program) / Spiritual Formation

Journeys 2015: Session 3 – April 15-May 6 Wed at 6pm

Journeys-Session 3Yom Hashoah – A Jewish Remembrance

We are privileged to have a survivor of the Holocaust share his story with us on Wednesday, April 15th, which is the day set aside annually as a remembrance of the Holocaust. Herbert Kohn was a young boy when rioting broke out against the Jews on November 9 and 10, 1938, which became known as Kristallnacht, or the “Night of Broken Glass.” Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the story told from one who was there. Herbert will show a short film as part of his presentation (there are no graphic images and this is suitable for youth). The program will be approximately 75 minutes.

April 15th in the Fellowship Hall


Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Life Remembered . . .

April 9, 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the execution of one of history’s great religious figures-German theologian and Nazi Resister-Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Since his passing, Bonhoeffer’s legacy and importance in the world of faith has only continued to rise. Bonhoeffer was a young German theologian who offered one of the first clear voices of resistance to Adolf Hitler. He openly challenged his church to stand with the Jews in their time of need and eventually joined a plot to kill Hitler. We’ll look at Bonhoeffer’s story and the Confessing Church Movement that developed in response to the Nazi regime.

April 22nd in the Fellowship Hall

Faith & Friendship

Have you ever considered how faith can shape your friendships? Or, in contrast, how friendships can also shape your faith? Join us for this thought provoking discussion led by Teri Moore.

April 22 & 29 in the Library

Celebrating a Minister and His Ministry

The AIB station in Atlanta recently aired a short documentary on the life and work of our Pastor Emeritus, Rev. J Truett Gannon. We will be showing this program in honor of Dr. Gannon.

April 29th in the Fellowship Hall


A New Vision for Smoke Rise

A new committee for strategic visioning for Smoke Rise, voted on in April, will make an initial presentation of the work they will be doing in the coming months. This group endeavors to embark on a planning process to create a future view of the church’s needs and the actions required to meet its goals.

May 6 in Fellowship Hall

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