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How is God Calling You to Serve at Vacation Bible School?

Message ReceivedFor the first time in two years, June 1-4, we will host Vacation Bible School for the children in our community.

From 1:30-4:30pm, children will travel from large group worship, to Bible study and rotations. While there, they will learn from people in scripture that were called and how that affects their life. They will also learn about their own callings through daily rotations in missions, recreation, music and crafts.

In order to make VBS happen, we need your help. There are jobs that occur during the week of VBS as well as those that need to happen outside of VBS hours. There are jobs working directly with children, jobs working directly with adults and other jobs that you can do all by yourself. We have jobs for prayer partners, decorators and Bible study leaders. There are jobs for good note writers and jobs for baby cuddlers. We have over 100 VBS jobs available that will fit anyone’s time, talents and passions. See Becky to discuss where you think God is calling you to serve through at this year’s Vacation Bible School. Let’s make sure any child that wants to participate in our VBS version of Message Received has that opportunity. Contact Becky today.

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