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Children & Youth Respond

Stewardship-2015Dear Students,

For the first time ever, Smoke Rise asked you to respond to God’s call, and you did.

worship-circleWe asked you to commit to worship, and you responded by saying that you would be here to worship an average of 80% of the time.

give-circleWe asked you to commit to give, and you responded by committing to give over $1000 to Smoke Rise this year.

serve-circleWe asked you to commit to serve, and you responded by pledging to talk to your friends about Jesus, to care for people with special needs, to make sure that others don’t go hungry and to help our Facilities Manager, Antowyn, and his staff.

learn-circleWe asked you to commit to learn. You responded by promising to read your Bible and go to Sunday school, but also to memorizing scripture verses, asking meaningful questions and worshiping in a peaceful way.

These are just a few of the responses that you, the children and youth of Smoke Rise, committed to. Thank you for leading Smoke Rise as we respond to God’s call together.

We are proud of you for your amazing commitments!

Jeremy and Becky

Jeremy Colliver – Minister to Families With Youth
Becky Caswell-Speight – Minister to Families With Children

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