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Celebrating the Ministry of Alice Horner

Alice_HornerOn Sunday, March 15, 2015, Smoke rise will ordain Alice Horner to the Gospel Ministry. She has been serving as Ministry Associate at Smoke Rise since spring of 2013 and will graduate from the McAfee School of Theology in May. Alice shared this during her ordination council process:

“Seminary has certainly tested me spiritually, but I’ve grown tremendously because of it. Being in seminary is a strange blend of some of the hardest days of life yet being pushed on by constant affirmation and encouragement. My number of mentors has increased exponentially. My prayer life has flourished. My ministerial identity started to form. My trust in God is much more of a firm foundation than before. Working at SRBC has instilled in me a spirit of perseverance and a belief that although church work is hard, it is well worth the investment. SRBC is the place where I have truly witnessed how God moves in people. I came here to work over a year and a half ago as a very different person. But I trusted that God lead me here, and God had work to do in me and through me. Now I am seeking ordination as a woman who is in love with the church despite its flaws, and I have people to thank who revealed the presence of God in hard times. I’m not sure where I would be without those key people who took the time to listen to me and encourage me.”

We have witnessed Alice’s gifts and love of children and adults and now we will send her forth with our blessings to serve out her calling. All are invited to this service of ordination.

6pm in the Chapel.

Alice Ordination.001[1]

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