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2015 Family Mission Trip Report

Family Mission Trip 2015

“Daddy, are we going to dinner or is everybody going to dinner with us?” We had just gotten home and unloaded all of our belongings from the Family Mission Trip. Her dad looked down at her and said, “Honey, it’ll just be us going to dinner. Everyone else has gone to their homes for dinner.” My daughter’s shoulders drooped and replied, “Ahh man,  I reeealllly wanted to go dinner with EVERYBODY!”

This past weekend, 56 members of Smoke Rise traveled to Asheville, NC. We gathered together and ate meals. We washed dishes, we cooked, we worshiped and we discussed where we saw God. We soothed sick children and nursed boo-boos. We received unexpected hugs and we prayed for our  friends. This past weekend was more than a group of  families going on a mission trip together, it was a weekend with 56 people becoming closer together as the family of God. Like my daughter, I can’t wait for the next time that we get EVERYBODY together. Because I believe that life is most fun when we are serving together.

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