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Responding to God’s Call: Pastor Chris

Stewardship-2015-SqYou are at Smoke Rise to respond to God’s calling.

When you attend worship on Sunday morning, participate in Sunday School, attend classes on Wednesday nights, volunteer in the Lilburn or Stone Mountain Co-ops, join others on the Family Mission Trip or travel to Tijuana or Honduras to minister to those in need, you are responding to God’s call.

And, when you give financially to Smoke Rise, you are responding to God’s call. Your tithes and offerings make a difference and enable our church to be and do all that God has created and called us to be.

This year, our pledge drive has a simple goal. We are not focused on a financial target or a specific figure. Instead, we want to encourage 100% participation. We want every one of our members to pledge to support God’s work at Smoke Rise. For some, this will be a continuation of what you have always 540x293_20131020_268b7fdc2836c9ae28ca776db56e4e33_jpgdone. For others, it will be the first time you have made this kind of commitment. For all, it will be an expression of our faith and an answer to God’s calling.

Prayerfully consider what you can give in response to God’s call this year. Pledge cards have been mailed to our members and are also available in Sunday School classes or the church office. On Sunday, March 8th, we will return the pledge cards as a part of Sunday morning worship. You are, of course, free to return your pledge card by mail or to the church office at any time.

How will you respond to God’s call this year?

Grace and peace,

Pastor Chris

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