Pastoral Care

Help for Smoke Rise Families In Need

Are you or someone you know in a situation like this?

 Electricity Cut-Off Warning “My job was eliminated several months ago.  It has been impossible to find a similar job. The majority of our family savings has been consumed to cover ongoing mortgage, insurance and medical costs. Now our car desperately needs repairs and we don’t have the money to pay for repairs. We also have several utility bills that are past due. Will Walton EMC actually disconnect my electricity if I am late paying? What can I do?”

FIN can help cover pressing bills like utilities and car repairs; provide professional resource assistance which can assist in getting free legal service, family counseling or setting up a monthly budget; give moral support through a Smoke Rise FIN liaison who will assist in this journey…and always keep your situation totally confidential. Please call Ernie Forrester, Tim Adcox or Chris George at the church tomorrow (770.469.5856) and ask about this special program called FIN, which is available for Smoke Rise members.


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