Spiritual Formation

The Lenten Journal: Kathy Dobbins

EEA4C692-B9E7-4618-953F-17AC08DF7D77The Season of Lent is a portrayal of Jesus’ commitment to his calling. For our participation in Lent, it is good for us to reflect on our commitment to our own calling. Commitment to following Jesus comes not just one time, but over and over in our life’s journey. It may involve the decision to turn from a destructive habit, renew the relationship we may have started as a child, recognition of the need to make changes in our lifestyle or a change in the way we respond to the needs of the people around us. In our religious language we may call these kinds of turning points repentance – which simply means to “change one’s mind.” Following Jesus will inevitably lead us to “change our mind” as we encounter our selves and our culture.

Members of our Smoke Rise family have been asked to reflect upon a sign or turning point in their commitment to their calling to follow Jesus. Each day of these 40 days of Lent (except Sundays), you will receive via e-mail one of these reflections beginning February 18th. You must be signed up for our churchwide e-mail list. If you already receive church emails, you don’t have to do anything else. If you are not already signed up and would like to be, contact the church office. If you don’t use e-mail, copies of The Lenten Journal reflections will be in the Lower Breezeway for pick up.

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