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Being Church, Being Compassionate, Being Careful: Pastor Chris

woman in needAt Smoke Rise, we are a congregation committed to being compassionate, reaching into our community with God’s love and grace. We partner with the Lilburn and Stone Mountain Co-ops to provide food, clothing and basic needs to those who are experiencing hardships. Our FIN (Families in Need) Ministry exists to help our church members who are experiencing financial challenges. We are so grateful for these important ministries.

In the coming weeks, the Smoke Rise Benevolence Committee will be developing a plan and procedure for responding when someone approaches a church member asking for financial assistance. Our goal is to help our members extend compassion and better help those who are in need. We are also committed to being a careful community, aware of the dangers present in the modern world. Therefore, we must also seek to protect members and guests who attend our activities, programs and services.

This year, our Children’s Committee will be developing and sharing a comprehensive child safety plan that will include clear guidelines for those who work and volunteer with the youngest members of our church family. We are firmly committed to protecting the children entrusted to our care.

hire-a-police-security-officerIn this same spirit of caution, we will be contracting with off-duty police officers to provide security on our campus during Sunday morning and evening events, as well as Wednesday night activities. These steps are not being taken in reaction to any specific incident or threat. We are simply trying to be proactive in the protection of those who come to our church. In the coming weeks, you may see an officer present or a parked police vehicle at our church. Their presence should not cause alarm, but rather serve as an expression of our commitment to be careful.

Thank you for your help and cooperation as we seek to be compassionate and careful, providing a safer environment to worship, to learn, to serve and to give at Smoke Rise.

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