Answering God’s Call: Why Missions?

Here I am send meby Tim Adcox
Minister of Missions

Is it because they are so poor and need our help to have more material goods?
Is it because we feel God has commanded us to help others?
Is it because we have an abundance of resources that we need to distribute?

Is it because we have knowledge that we need to share with those less educated?

Is it to help our friends in a different culture have a better life?

Where do we find our true calling to missions? It is found in a phrase we say all the time, “ thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” Christ, through His resurrection, has begun the process of redeeming this world and bringing His Kingdom to this earth. It is through the sharing God’s love in our mission work that we become agents of this transformational process. But this transformation is not just external as we serve him; it is also internal.

A new mission team member was asked by their mission leader why they came on a mission trip. “I came to save their souls.” The mission leader responded, “Yes, but more than that, we have come to save our souls.”

Why do you respond to God’s call to missions?

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