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We’re Going to Japan!

JapanTripWe’re going to Japan! June 11-24 our Japan Ministry Team will join CBF Field Personnel Carson and Laura Foushee to minister together throughout Japan. Our team of youth and adults will help to lead worship at local churches and schools, assist with English language classes sponsored by local Baptist churches and minister with children through play at Tokiwadai Kindergarten. We will also have many opportunities to experience the rich culture and heritage of the Japanese people as we travel throughout Japan. At the end of the day though, our hope is to both be the presence of Christ and experience the presence of Christ in new and transformative ways. Please begin to pray for our team, the Foushees and the people of Japan as we begin this journey of ministry together.

Highlights Include:

  • Visiting Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kanazawa, Buzen and Hiroshima
  • 8 concerts (Including three school chapel services)
  • 2 worship services
  • Lead 1 Choir Clinic
  • Visit and sing at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and present the paper crane garland created by Karen Bates as a gift from Smoke Rise Baptist Church
  • Visit Hiroshima Children’s Peace Museum (Special speaker will be a bomb survivor)
  • Participate in 3 English kindergarten classes
  • Sightseeing in Tokyo and attending a Yomiuri Giants Baseball Game



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