Spiritual Formation / Youth

Calling all Youth: Jeremy Colliver

speak-lord-for-your-servant-is-listeningIt’s a classic activity in youth ministry: write your name on the top of a notecard and pass it around the room. As the card is passed around the room, each person writes how they see God at work in that person’s life. I remember the first time I did this as a student because of what our youth minister wrote on my card: “Jeremy, one day you will be sitting where I am.” I laughed out loud, because there was no way I was going to be a minister; I was going into sports medicine. One of the first people I called when I accepted my call to ministry was to my former youth minister. On that day, he was the one laughing, “Some people accept their call willingly, some come kicking and screaming. You’ve had ministry written all over you. You just had to figure it out.”

Throughout January, our students will participate in The Samuel Project to help them figure out the calling that God has placed on their life. By exploring biblical call stories and call stories of other young people, we hope our students begin to see how each of their callings are to ministry; whether that be in a local church or somewhere else. Pray for our students as the open themselves up to receive the call.

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