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Epiphany: Pastor Chris

epiphanyAdvent is a Season of Preparation.
Christmas is a Season of Celebration.
Epiphany is a Season of Realization.

Epiphany, as a moment, refers to a sudden realization, but Epiphany as a season reminds us that we are to experience a gradual awakening. God could certainly act in an instant with or without us, but the scriptures tell us that far more often God chooses to patiently walk with us and work through us. God uses human hands to write the Holy Scripture. God uses caring hearts to provide healing to those who are hurting. God calls, then patiently waits for our answer.

Our theme for this Season of Epiphany is “Responding to God’s Call.” In Sunday worship, we will learn how to listen to God’s call and then follow with faith and courage. On Wednesday evenings, we will examine “Call Stories” from the scriptures and connect them with our own experiences. Our youth will seek to better understand their God-given talents in an effort to respond to God’s call and share these gifts with others.

God calls us to mission and ministry. God calls us to sacrifice and service. God calls us to live and to give, to care and to share. God calls us to do and to be and to become.

God is always at work in our world. God is always speaking, simply waiting for us to hear the Call. During this Season of Epiphany, let us take the time to listen, then find the faith to follow in the footsteps of the baby born in the manger who has come to change our lives and our world.

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