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Social Media For Parents

Social MediaThere was a phone hanging on the wall at our house in Kentucky and Blaine looked up and said, “What is that thing?” I realized then that he would never have the experience of stretching the phone cord all the way back to his bedroom to talk to someone in private. It made it even worse when he asked how you were supposed to play games on the phone if there was no screen.

The devices that we carry around are no longer only phones but computers that have the capacity to make a phone call. But a phone call isn’t even a youth’s primary form of communication anymore; texting is king and the world of social media is how they broadcast their messages to the world.

On Wednesday nights during January, Justin and Jeremy will be facilitating a conversation for parents around how youth now communicate. We’ll talk about the platforms that they use, how they are used and some ways to engage your youth through these platforms.

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