A Different Kind of Christmas Gift: Tim Adcox

What is the most unusual Christmas gift you have ever received? There is a commercial I love where a group of people are opening Christmas presents and the presents are really bad. The recipients say a thing like, “I am throwing this in the trash,” another says, “I am going to destroy this with a bat.” These gifts are very unusual and the donor obviously put little thought into them. We often give and grass-covered-flipflopsreceive presents that do not always hit the mark. Most of our presents involve giving more stuff, so we rack our brain to think of something they could remotely use. The truth is we all already have too much stuff.

There is another commercial that describes a family that does not have the money to buy Christmas presents so they send their relatives letters telling them how much they mean to each other.

The most meaningful present is to give yourself away. That is a present that will keep on giving. Have you ever considered giving of your time by joining one of our hondurasDevotion2014sqmission teams this year? You can be a part of the team going to Honduras March 6-14. Again this year, we will be working in a village that will have an economic development component to it.

Won’t you give of your self this year?

For more information, please contact the Honduras trip leaders Page Fulgham 404.316.35444 or Deb Leamon 770.378.6501

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