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A Season of Giving: Pastor Chris

Season-of-GivingChristmas reminds us of the timeless truth, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

As a child, I believed that the joy of Christmas was found in getting gifts. I remember opening presents and playing with new toys. It was truly the “most wonderful time of the year.”

As an adult, I discover a different kind of joy at Christmas, deeper and wider. I still get excited–not because of what I am getting, but because of what I am giving. I look for the perfect gift to bring a smile to the face of a dear friend or to cause my little boy’s heart to skip a beat.

Real Christmas joy comes wrapped in relationship. As we remember friends and families this Christmas, I hope and pray we will remember our church family. The gift that you give to Smoke Rise Baptist at Christmas enables our church to touch and transform lives throughout the year.

The best gifts cannot be placed in boxes or decorated with bows—A child will learn to sing in choir, a patient will receive a personal visit and a prayer at the hospital, a boy in Tijuana will have a cup of clean water, our church can reach into our community with God’s love and grace and worship, learn and serve together.

These are Christmas gifts worth giving.

Discover Joy this Christmas Season. Give Generously.

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