Kudos to Smoke Rise Members! (Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for the Co-ops)

2014-Thanksgiving-and--Christmas-BasketsWe knew if we put out an appeal to you for food for Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for the Co-ops, that you would come through – and did you ever come through, with over 800 pounds of food!! You filled 150 baskets to overflowing for the Lilburn and Stone Mountain Co-ops to distribute to their clients for the holidays. Then there were extra boxes of food given to each of the Co-ops. Thank you for opening your hearts to those in need in our community.
More Kudos To: Jack Carrollton, our head food counter and those who helped him; Karen Smith, our lead basket decorator and her helpers; Peggy Harris, chair of our Co-op Partnerships and her team; Smoke Rise Youth and their leaders, who moved food, prepared jars of hot chocolate and wore out several Sharpies; Smoke Rise Children and leaders, who used their allowances and did chores to buy food, then made cards for the baskets; everyone who manned a table of food while baskets were filled; those who gave such generous financial donations to buy things that were needed; and those who brought gift cards so that every basket had a gift card for meat with some extras for the Co-ops. So many people did so many wonderful things – THANK YOU, SMOKE RISE!

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