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Advent & Christmas 2014 – Danny Vancil

Christmas-Advent-2014Advent and Christmas will soon be upon us. Every year, Christians delight in the joyous sounds of the season as we prepare for and celebrate the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This year will be no exception at Smoke Rise. Each Sunday of Advent, we will follow the theme, “Christmas through Eyes of a Child.” Leading in worship will be The Sanctuary Choir, The Youth Choir, The Children Choristers, The Youth Handbell Choir, a brass choir and vocal and instrumental soloists.

The following is the text to one of the anthems that the Sanctuary Choir will be singing during this season. It was written by Eugene Sutherland, long time Minister of Music at the historic Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky where I served as a seminary intern. When Pastor Chris told me of his sermon plans for Advent, I immediately thought of this sweet song. I called Gene and he was delighted to give us permission for its use.

I’m looking forward to the weeks to come as we worship together.


Let me see Christmas thru a little child’s eyes, that twinkle so crystal clear.
Eyes that see visions of dreams yet to be, of peace and joy all thru the year.
Let me see Christmas thru a little child’s heart, that’s grateful for gifts of love,
a heart that finds its lodging place at the throne of the kingdom above.

Let me see Christmas thru a little child’s mind that’s open and seeking the way.
A mind that in innocence hopes for the best to come with each new day.

Such was the mission of another child who came with us to abide.
His eyes saw the beauty of all on earth; His heart was open, open wide.
His mind was the mind of God in man who longed to set me free.
So let me see Christmas thru that Little Child’s eyes, that He may live thru me.

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