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The Agape Meal: By Kathy Dobbins

Agape MealIn the early days of Christianity, people met in homes for worship and communion. A part of that gathering was the sharing of a meal which was called “the agape” from the Greek word for love. It then became known as the “love feast.”  The meal was thought to originate from the Last Supper where Jesus shared the Passover meal with the disciples and then, using the bread and wine, created a lasting remembrance for his followers to observe. By the third century, the love feast disappeared probably due to the separation of the meal from the observance of communion in previous decades.  From the earliest times, people of faith have loved to come together for fellowship and food. Although it was likely this meal was practical and necessary in these early times due to the level of poverty some people lived with, it undoubtedly was a vehicle of communicating God’s love and care among these early Christians.

The picture shows our re-creation of the “Agape” using the foods of that region. Next time you sit down to a dinner at Smoke Rise, think of it as our 21st Century “love feast.”


Agape Meal

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