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Deacons Worship – by D. Wayne Martin

Wayne MartinFew Biblical narratives express the essence of worship quite like the one found in Exodus 3. Moses stands speechless beside a burning bush, a gripping voice calls “…take off your shoes, you’re on holy ground.” “…Moses, I want you to go and bring my children home from slavery in Egypt.” After some haggling, Moses reluctantly says “OK.” And with Moses’  “OK”, the world was changed forever!

Why would anyone suggest such an episode was a worship service? It had no majestic musical fanfare like a prelude to set the stage–just a blazing bush that was not consumed. Apparently, it was sheer curiosity that made Moses stop to see what was happening. Often people are driven to worship by what’s happening in their lives and they turn to God—hoping God, the church, or faith could explain what was happening.

There are  various reasons to attend worship…a spiritual discipline…a need to belong…a curiosity about faith matters…or perhaps one hears that ‘God is love’ and he wants to know if God and His people would really love and accept someone like him. But whatever one’s reasons for worshipping, true worship always takes place ‘on holy ground’… the presence of God’s Spirit makes any place holy! And in that place the power to stand tall…the chance to begin again…the feeling of inner peace…the opportunity to help someone…are holy gifts available to all.

In worship, God’s Spirit always calls us to “Follow Me.”  And with a person’s ‘OK’, his/her world is changed forever!

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