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Deacon Ordination: Pastor Chris

towel and BasinOn November 16th, Smoke Rise will celebrate a significant event in the life of our church as we gather to install and ordain those who have been elected to serve as Deacons. In many Baptist churches, Deacons serve as a Board of Directors that conduct the “business” of the church. At Smoke Rise, we embrace a different model in our Deacon Fellowship that emphasizes the importance of leadership through service. Our Deacons commit to pray and care for members of our congregation. They extend help to those in need and hospitality to those who are visiting with us. By serving communion, they help lead us in worship. In their words and actions, they show what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Pastor ChrisAs Pastor, I am particularly excited about our incoming Deacon class. We have a wonderful collection of men and women representative of all different ages who are united in their desire to serve Christ through serving our congregation and our community. We are grateful to have nine who have previously served as deacons being installed and are excited to be ordaining thirteen new deacons. We are a blessed congregation to have such a strong group making this new commitment.

The Installation and Ordination Service is always a meaningful worship experience with the sharing of personal stories and the laying on of hands as we celebrate God’s calling. Please be in prayer for those who have committed to serve and plan to be present for this special service.

To show support for our new deacons, we will have one worship service at 11am.

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