What Follows Mission Sunday?

What comes after a wonderful day of Celebrating, Communicating and Connecting with Smoke Rise Missions? As the Youth Choir sang it so well, now you can “Go Light Your World.” How? We can PRAY, we can GIVE and we can GO. It was inspiring to see 167 people come forward with their “flames” to say they were connecting with missions.

It took many people to make Mission Sunday happen. We offer our thanks to all of our missionary guests, the Youth Choir, the Sanctuary Choir for reminding each of us that “I Can Tell the World,” our videographer for beautiful picture stories, the children and youth who helped guide people in the gym, our church staff for helping in so many ways, Lou and her staff for breakfast, our maintenance crew who arrange tables however we want, Abby and the Welcome Center volunteers (did you wonder who cut out all those “flames”?), our Partnership and Ministry Leaders and a host of other volunteers. It wouldn’t have happened without you! The Missions Office says, “Thank you!”

Mission Sunday Video



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