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Serving Others: by Deacon Mary Wilson

IMG_3797Serving is a faith stretcher. At least it has been for me. How about you?

In the early 1990’s, soon after joining Smoke Rise Baptist Church, our family began serving dinners one week each month at the Memorial Drive Homeless Shelter for families. Members of Smoke Rise led us into this ministry by example. Through their guidance, Rudy and I felt this was a ministry we could do with our family. It was a challenge at times, and I didn’t always feel comfortable, but it wasn’t about us; it was about bringing a healthy meal, eating with the families and sometimes holding a small child so the mom could rest. By serving them when they were hungry, exhausted or worried, we were showing God’s love.

Fast forward once again. Our fearless Minister of Missions, Tim Adcox, who always has mission opportunities ready, told me about a church start that SRBC could partner with if someone would be the “point” person. I worried that this ministry might be too big, but with Tim’s encouragement and help from the mission office of Glenn and Pat Herndon, Rudy and I have begun helping with a different mission opportunity.

Mary WilsonThe clincher—or perhaps a smile from God—is that this new church, Edgewood Church, is located in the exact place where Smoke Rise Baptist served at the homeless shelter on Memorial Drive! Our church continues to minister in this neighborhood over 25 years later! I am so thankful for all who’ve led the way in so many ministries within our church, our communities and beyond.

There’s always a place for you to serve. Just ask and bring a friend!

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