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The Day That I Crashed the Smoke Rise Women’s Mission Trip

GAP Women Fall 2014Several weeks ago I got the idea that it would be nice to see what happens on the GAP mission trips. The problem was that my week was already planned with other important Smoke Rise ministry.  I was worried about crashing the trip for a day and not having done anything to help them to get ready.

On Monday, my fears quickly dissipated when I was warmly greeted as I entered the Minnie Town Home work site. Each woman on the trip brought their own specialty to care for the residents. Throughout the day I witnessed our SRBC women serve by helping residents make necklaces, scarves and sun catchers, cutting hair, handing out children’s dresses and books, doing nails and providing lunch. It was obvious that a lot of planning had gone into their trip.

The other thing that was obvious was the care and concern that our women had for the women of GAP ministries. They knew their names. They remembered their prayer concerns and children. They asked to see children as they arrived home from school. They wanted to see how much the children had grown from the previous year. More important than any of the activities that our group was conducting were the relationships that they built each time they travelled to Kentucky.

I realized that I had not crashed one day of one mission trip. No, I’d been blessed to join a group of friends getting together to reconnect with one another’s lives.

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