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Learning in Community: Kathy

Kathy DobbinsLearning and community go together in our church. I’ve been thinking about this lately as I have observed our learning experiences.  What brings you to Sunday School on Sunday mornings? What motivates you to participate in Wednesday evening activities and classes? Any one of us could sit at home or in a café and read a theological book or article or study the Bible. You can find any number of worship services online including ours (as of September 14th). We can connect anywhere on our electronic devices to investigate a subject or find the answer to a question.  So, why do we make time and effort and fight traffic to come to this place called Smoke Rise to learn?

community huddleThe answer seems obvious. We want to learn along with others on the journey of faith – to listen to a live person in “real time” rather than an image on a screen. We want to connect with people who feel like our extended family. We want someone to listen to our questions and respond. Learning is facilitated by interaction and dialogue. Learning in person builds relationships and promotes respect and openness to new ideas. Often the best part of a class are the conversations that take place afterwards.  Learning is a core value at Smoke Rise. It’s good to be part of a community that learns together!

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