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Faith at Home – After the Baby Dedication: Becky Caswell-Speight

Family Baby DedicationAt Smoke Rise Baptist Church, we understand the moments when the divine and the human intersect to create covenant. We understand these moments because we join in blessed occasions like parent-child dedications. As we wrap infants in blankets we promise we will be their spiritual encouragers, teachers and friends. We promise children and parents that we will help form them in their faith, loving them as they grow and learn.

The commitment doesn’t end with the congregation. During these dedications parents also make promises to their child, to the congregation, and to God. Too often, parents understand only the first part. IMG_1798They understand how the church helps to grow their child spiritually and teaches them the stories of scripture. Yet they aren’t quite sure what their role is in this process of spiritual formation. The promise of each dedication is that parents and congregation will work together to guide the child on a path of faith.

Over the next three months we will be deepening our partnership with parents. This is what we promised God at each child’s dedication. We begin August 24th with lunch and a listening session for all parents. After the lunch, parents can schedule individual parent/pastor meetings throughout the fall. These meetings will shape how we can best partner together in our caring for and growing up each child into the image of Christ.


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