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(2014) Yay!! for “Summer Sundays@Smoke Rise”

NYC Mission Thank You CardsFood, Fellowship and Missions were the three goals The Journey Sunday School class had in mind, and it was a very successful and special time for our class! Of course, Food and Fellowship are always fun, but adding the Mission element is what really made it special and different! We all learned more about the NY Mission Partnership, the two churches that are served, (Metro Baptist in Manhattan and Greater Restoration Baptist in Brooklyn), what it takes to make it successful and what the goals are.

Our class decided to be in prayer for the 21 team members that are going on the trip this July and we each took a name to pray for individually. We also took up gifts and donations to make gift bags for the 5 summer interns/workers that will be planning and running the Camps this year, as a thank you for all they do for the churches and those of us working the camps.

Food, Fun and a deeper understanding of The New York Mission Partnership….goal accomplished!

Lynne Felton

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