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(2014) Danny – Summer Sundays @ Smoke Rise

Choir-RehearsalI’m excited about Summer Sundays at Smoke Rise because we will offer Sanctuary Choir rehearsal at 9:00am. The summer months bring a lot of extra fun activities and travel, which results in attendance taking a hit, especially on Wednesday evenings.

We already have some new folks interested in joining us! How about you? This is a great time to try out the choir!

Sanctuary Choir Summer Singers

Sunday Morning
9:00am Rehearsal
9:40am Break and Robe
10:00am Sing in Worship

Child Care is available. Please contact one of the following:

Abby in the Main Office at 770-469-5856 • asizemore@smokerisebaptist.org
Amanda Burton at 678-533-0555 • aburton@smokrisebaptist.org
Lynne Ginn at 678-559-0552 • lginn@smokerisebaptist.org

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