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(2014) Pastor Chris Weighs in on Summer Schedule

May 15, 2014

Dear Church Family,

On June 1st, we will be embarking on Summer Sundays at Smoke Rise. We will worship together at 10am, and then enjoy Sunday School at 11am. It will be a wonderful chance for our Sunday School classes to focus on outreach and fellowship, to engage in mission activities and to foster spiritual formation.

Summer is a great time to try something new. A new summer schedule will provide an opportunity for us to reach out to new and non-active members, encouraging them to join a Sunday School class, to enjoy a fellowship meal and to develop friendships. It will encourage classes to take time to do mission work together, because we are convinced that we serve God through serving others. This schedule also offers a chance to process the worship experience during Sunday School by talking with other class members about a meaningful song or thinking about what the sermon means and how to apply it in our lives. Please help us make this a success.

I am so grateful to be Pastor of a congregation that is focused on fundamentals like Christian education, compassionate service and meaningful worship experiences, while simultaneously being willing to stretch ourselves as we seek to cultivate connections and bring members of the community into the church congregation.

I am looking forward to this summer at Smoke Rise. I am hopeful as I watch new young families joining our church and long-time members making new commitments. I am confident that with God’s help, the future of Smoke Rise is bright.

God’s Peace,
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Pastor Chris

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