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The Long and Short of It (Ernie on his 25 years of service)

ErnieMy assigned task was to share my reflections of twenty-five years of ministry at SRBC. I don’t know what a person says about twenty-five years of ministry. I do know there is not enough space (or time) to write down all the things that flood my mind when I consider the great blessing I have enjoyed in this wonderful place. Truly I don’t deserve all I have received by being here, but I am so grateful for this one fact. Smoke Rise is filled with The Most Awesome People (yes that includes ministers)!

Writing this feels awkward because it has never been about me. I came here for the privilege and opportunity to work with students. It has always been about them. It is one of the most wonderful blessings in life to watch young people “become.” We have been blessed because so many of those young people have left us to become deacons, small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, pastors, worship leaders, or serve in other capacities within the church.

And now I have the honor of working with many of the adults who poured themselves into our students, or the parents of our former students in the area of pastoral care. Thank you for the chance to serve in this way.

Yes I do have many good memories and I am grateful for every one of them, but I have received credit I don’t deserve. When I reflect on my twenty five years at SRBC it is about the people. YOU are The Best!

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