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Journeys Fall 2016 – Session 1 ~ Wednesdays at 6 pm
Journeys (Wed PM Program) / Spiritual Formation

Journeys Fall 2016 – Session 1 ~ Wednesdays at 6 pm

Pastors’ Bible Study  The Gospel of Mark is the earliest (and most concise) of the four canonical Gospels. In this 16-week study, we will discover the richness and spiritually challenging layers of the first gospel. As we learn to read the gospel through the theological lens of its writer, we will be rediscovering timeless truths … Continue reading



26 of our missionaries have been in Crossville, Tennessee for a week of Passportkids! This year the children and adults are learning about Jonathon and Tina Bailey and their missionary work in Bali. The Baileys have worked in Bali for over twenty years. The Baileys’ work extends the love of God to an international community, … Continue reading